Summer Camp Gift

gratitude;s summer camp adventureYay!  So glad you are here and that you decided to treat yourself by taking a little “summer camp diversion” with Gratitude and me.  We hope this virtual “getaway”  will put a smile on your face, a grin in your heart, and offer a little summer time refreshment and fun until you are able to experience the real time version. Speaking of which, have you scheduled in some getaway time on your summer calendar?  If not…then Gratitude and I highly encourage you to pull out your calendar right now and commit to a special “getaway” time. Several days are ideal, but if you’re not able to fit that in, then even a few hours will help to refresh your spirit and refill your creative well.  

Here’s your download. All you need to do is enter your name and email and we’ll send you the pdf link in your email.  This will also sign you up for Gratitude’s eLetter.  We hope you will decide to stay in touch…  if not it’s easy to unsubscribe if you prefer.


Gratitude and I would love to hear from you. Are your days too often hectic? Do you have a tip to share with us about how you come back to center? What’s your favorite part of Gratitude’s Scrapbook Summer Camp Adventure?  Yep! We’re curious what you think? Again thanks for spending your precious time with us. You are appreciated.


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