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I hope you’ll enjoy being one of the first to hear about all the exciting news, events, and fun surprises we have planned in celebration of our soon to be released book: Gratitude’s Journey In Nine HeART-full Steps.

This book has been a three year journey of love, faith, and passion. I am deliriously happy you have decided to join me and Gratitude on this continuing journey.  It is our deep pleasure to share this book with you and welcome you whole-heARTedly to our bustling little haven on the web.  Yep bustling and haven are both oxymorons and paradoxes. Gratitude and I love such seeming contradictions.

Stop by, introduce yourself. I’m always interested in hearing from readers, so please share your thoughts, ideas, and aspirations.  I’d love to get better acquainted.

How can you get the book? The tentative release date for the book is September 9th.  We’ll keep you posted.

One more thing!  Please help Gratitude “Meet the World!”

Share this link with your friends who may be interested:  so they can join the HeART-full community too. We don’t want anyone to miss out on any of the happy happenings we have planned.

Thank you for helping to bring Gratitude to life.  I appreciate all the excitement, support, and enthusiasm I have received for Gratitude’s Journey.

Great-fully appreciative,









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4 thoughts on “Gratitude and I thank you!

  1. Jan, I’m excited to see how far along you are in the process. It’s really fun, unique, creative. And I sure was pleased to Be-easy Bee….just who I need to see show up too! Good Luck!

  2. Jan, I’m excited and looking forward to Gratitude’s launch. Sending you waves of support and encouragement.

  3. Jean Souders says:

    Jan, I have been waiting excitedly, to see the finished project!!! In having seen you work a little at my table on this project and talked to oyu a little about it . . . I am just so envious that you have had the focus and drive to complete this . . . as well as the talent, creativity and ability to use the written word in such different and exciting ways. I cannot wait to see, and get, the finished book !!!

  4. Thanks Jean, your support and encouragement along the way have been invaluable. Can’t wait for you to see it. There is still a little bit left to finish though. I’ve been splitting my time between finishing the book and working on various ways to share Gratitude’s message and create a readership for the book when it is ready. Looking forward to catching up with you in a few days.

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