Ten Enthusiastically Recommended Books

Here are a few of my favorite reads … I’m sure I keep adding to my shelf. I am a book addict after all.

In fact just after I finished loading up my bookshelf and clicked publish I realized there were two more that really should be on this list.  But this is a enough to peak your curiosity.

What would be in your ten? And no it doesn’t have to be your top ten favorites.

That is definitely one of my pet peeves..being asked to name a favorite:  favorite color, favorite food, favorite author, favorite band or singer, a favorite anything, really (other than perhaps my Mr. Wonderful).

…you got the idea.   I’m a rainbow kind of girl…love all the colors.  Can’t imagine choosing.  I am just grateful we’ve been graced with such beautiful abundance and variety.

So here’s my ten enthusiastically recommended pics for today.


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