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One of the plans I have for this page is to do an Inspiration Monday upload of some kind each Monday.  A video, a meditation, art or photograph, or some other wild possibility I haven’t thought of yet.  Please chime in if you have inspirational ideas or treasure to share below.

Why Monday you say? It seemed like the most appropriate day since I’ve heard that some people struggle with the “Monday Blues”…myself included on occasion.

I say, “Let’s create Monday Rainbows instead.”  For me imagination and inspiration are the pot-o-gold at the end of a rainbow.

May you experience rainbows everyday.  And when all you see is an overcast day you are welcome to visit this page for some free face-lifting medicine.

So here’s to a surgery-free facelighting experience. Oopsies!  Just typed facelighting instead of face-lifting.  Don’t you just love “happy accidents” like this? The muses are definitely at work!

This video of Josh Groban’s You are Loved-Awake Live brings happy tears to my eyes. Hope you enjoy his HeART-full music.


Figuring Life Out – One Thousand Gifts A beautiful, heart wide open video from Ann Voscamp author of One Thousand Gifts  ….”how many of the moments of my life have my eyes been wide open?”

I found this video and the reason for their creating it truly inspiring.  The brilliantly talented Tamara Laporte of and Gracie Howle of combined their singing talents recently to launch a water campaign to help bring fresh water to those in need.  Please consider donating to this worthy project by going here:… –  Besides just putting a smile on your face, Tamara and Gracie are generously giving you a free mp3 and access to Tam’s Rainbow Mermaid art class for free! 🙂 for supporting their cause.

Song published with permission from Sony HTV and Billy Steinberg Publishing – video inspired by “Artists Against Bullying”:…

4 thoughts on “Inspiration Gallery

  1. Surgery free facelift you say? Sign me up.
    I’m thinking of two rainbow songs I like: The Rainbow Connection, & of course the classic Somewhere Over the Rainbow.
    I love you,Jan. I’m so excited this is coming together for you, & I can’t wait til I get to check in here each Monday for my facelift.
    It’s a rainy Monday today. I want to put on my pretty pink rainboots and go puddle dancing with you.

  2. I LOVE “Facelighting” —good definition facelifting without surgery! I will credit you when I use it in my vocabulary! You ARE inspiring!

  3. Thanks Colleen for stopping by. I’m looking forward to following your journey with the important topic of ageless beauty. I find the things you are doing to be wonderfully inspiring!

  4. Jan I love this page, thank you so much.

    I am going to use You are loved by Josh Groban as the theme, anthem for DEEP Body Love. I have been using Celine’s Dion’s. Thank you.

    I work at a school 2 days a week and will be sending the teachers the link to the anti bullying song. I love this from when Cindi Lauper sang it. Thank you for such beautiful inspiration. Once my new website is up and running I would love to have such an incredible page. I have a few links and send them to clients and face book them but I love this is idea. If that is ok with you. Thanks xxx

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