Benefits of Gratitude

The talk and teaching of gratitude as a practice, and how it is beneficial, is not a new topic of course.  That has been happening since religious teaching and character training first began–probably as moral tales and stories told around our early tribal campfires.

But the scientific study of gratitude is a relatively new field. It’s not been widely studied either.

Author and researcher, University of California, Davis professor, Dr. Robert  Emmon’s, is the world’s leading authority in this area of study.  He has devoted over eight years to the study of gratitude and how it is related to happiness, well-being, and personality integration.

In his most recent best-selling book, Thanks!: How the New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier , Emmon’s not only reviews and discusses his own research, but explores and integrates the work of other researchers, theologians, philosophers, and literary minds on the topic of Gratitude and how it enhances so many aspects of our lives.  Whether you are just curious about the science or looking to enhance your life in dramatic ways this book is an comprehensive resource on the topic packed into just 200 pages.

In the meantime check out this video on the benefits of incorporating gratitude into our day to day lives.


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