Knocking the Dust of the Welcome Mat

As Gratitude and I have been “dusting and redecorating” here in preparation for reopening our doors I’ve spent a bit of time reading back through the archives.  You can view this earlier smattering of writing here under categories–> pre 2012.

I was pleasantly surprised there were actually some good nuggets in those early posts. However, when I reread my first put-out-the-welcome-mat post titled Smiles and Cartwheels I found myself with a rather sheepish grin plastered across my face.

For integrity and clarity sake I decided I wanted to write an update to this first post.  You can read that original post here.  It might help to put this addendum in into some context.

So here I am sitting there rereading this post with this silly smile slowly creeping across my face as I realized Miss Artiste and Miss Just-get-r-done still don’t have regular open lines of communication established.

Just one chat isn’t going to cut it!  Duh!  Even occasional chats won’t do.

The three of us are a work in progress.  I still find myself wrestling with these two voices in my head…working to find the balance in there somewhere.

One thing is for sure.  Committing to regular chat sessions would likely help.

Yep! I need to recommit to this.  And I’ve learned the best way for me to acknowledge my growth and willingness to make a stronger commitment is to “HeART-fully” embrace it.   (i.e. Use art and heart to empower myself).

So partly to strengthen and inspire this commitment to myself and partly to have a fun image to include in this post I decided I had to pull together a quick artistic somethin-or-other.

Chatting-with-the-inner voices
Miss Artiste, Gratitude, Miss Just-get-r-done and me having a chat

And of course:

Miss Artiste had her say (“fuss with the sketch here …that line isn’t right..maybe it needs some color here”)

And Miss Just-get-r-done had her say (“forget the image…just get the million other things done…move on already”)

As you can see from the image above we stopped the tug-pull, had a small chat, found some common ground, and we are now basking in a bit of balance.

Miss Artiste got her beautiful art…she’s ecstatically happy…cause the “quick image” was comparatively quick and came out better that she could have dreamed and totally different than she (and I) had imagined it initially.

Miss Just-get-r-done is only mildly annoyed, but she agrees this image (and the story of that process) is important to the “work” we are being called to do here on this site and  by extension the world.

And Gratitude she loves having an opportunity to play mediator at my little hash-it-out-sessions.  And me…I love having her at my meetings-of-the-mind.  So much more gets accomplished when Gratitude is allowed to weigh in.

We’re all happy and ready to once again put out the welcome mat.  We are thrilled you are here. Gratitude is curious about what you think?  How do you manage to balance these two fuss budgets? Or do you? Please leave a comment.

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