Day 1 of 30- Jan & Gratitude’s Video Journey & Journal (a.k.a. blog) challenge

Decided this is the month I am going to bring some much needed tender loving care to my blog/website.  After looking over my calendar for April I noticed it appears to be relatively clear. I can’t remember when I’ve had a month like this…a relatively quiet one.  It’s rather amazing!  No trips are scheduled.  I love traveling …I really do, but I am looking forward to having the spaciousness of a more open schedule.  I’m excited and committed to focusing in three areas this month….(without the usual distractions).

1. Breath new life into and wake up this sleepy website.  I learned today that Effy Wild over at is planning to post something to her blog every day this month…and is inviting others to blog along with her her.  How fun!!  And timely!

2. In March I attempted to do Michelle Hart White’s 30 day Visibility Vamp Challenge.  Had hoped to do 30 videos…I did a “lucky” 7.  I’m feeling good about doing those 7, got my feet wet and I don’t want to stop now cause I was just barely getting started. Built a little bit of confidence and was just beginning to feel more comfortable.  Want to keep that good mojo going, so I’m doing my own personal 30 day video challenge for the month of April.  My intention is to “practice and experiment”…see what unfolds.  I believe I may post some of those videos here as well as on my youtube channel.  Maybe even most of them. Made my first video for April…tried something new for me…talking while walking using my android phone this time..not my ipad. It turned out a bit shaky…I think I will try my monopod walking stick next time…just need to find it. The video is also a bit longer than I’m intending most of these to be…As I learn to edit I’ll  figure out how to tighten these up.

I spent some time yesterday evening attempting to find a video editing app to use on my android phone.  I’m open to suggestions.  I’m still not totally sold on what I finally settled on…trying out AndroVid for now.  Went to bed last night Thinking  my video wasn’t going to upload after all that effort.  Well, came back here today and what do you know that video loaded after all.  It was just taking it’s sweet time. In fact, I may have inadvertantly uploaded it twice…we shall see.  I couldn’t figure out how to use the first couple video editing apps I tried at all.  I taught myself photoshop so this can’t be this hard!  Guess the “Fool” was having fun playing with me yesterday…it was April Fools Day after all.

After comming back to my video today (and this blog post)  with fresher eyes I did manage to figure out a couple of editing tricks, using youtubes editor. Figured out how to overlay text onto the video…so I added my website url to the beginning. Also added a fun speech bubble toward the end of the vid.  Feeling pretty pleased with myself right now…after having an “I-just-want-to-tear-hair-out” frustrating kind of day yesterday. Note to self…”stay the course, eventual success tastes oh so much sweeter after working through a tough challenge.”

So Tadah! My first video for the month of April…still fairly raw and unpolished..virtually unedited. Oh an one other thing I learned with this video…I oriented my phone in portrait …next time I will know to turn it my phone the other way so the video fills whole frame.

3. And Finally and most importantly my third intention for the month is to give even more focused attention to the completion of my book,  Gratitude’s Journey. Going to see how close I can come to finishing it up by the end of the month.  It’s not a deadline…I’m allergic to that word. Perhaps it’s a liveline.

So let this fun adventure begin! To join us on this video journal journey sign up below.

One thought on “Day 1 of 30- Jan & Gratitude’s Video Journey & Journal (a.k.a. blog) challenge

  1. I enjoyed the whole video vlog thing. I did a blog challenge once where I had to upload my response via a video. It was very different, but I had fun. I’m looking forward to watching what you do over this 30 day challenge. <3 Kimmie

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