Videos 2, 3, and 4 of 30- Enough of this Nonsense!

Yes I know! It’s been almost a week.  I started the month with such good intentions, too. I was going to do a video every day…develop that consistency muscle. Ha! Ha!

I did do a video almost everyday last week, but then I would start second guessing myself as to whether it was “worthy” of being uploaded. Last month, during the “official” video challenge, I posted my 7 videos just to youtube and to the more private FB site associated with the challenge.  I certainly didn’t call attention to them I felt more free try stuff out.

This month my intent has been to upload them this website in addition to the other two sites.  This has put a lot more pressure on me to do it “right.”  I kept hearing these pesky voices in my head asking questions like…does this video add value, does it fit my brand, is this what I really want to say, these video are going to live in my archives after all! 

Well, after talking with some online friends this morning I was able to say, “Enough of this Nonsense!” I sent those voices on a little vacation…helped them pack their bags. Told them I would let them know when I was ready for them to return.

Those are good questions to ask….just not right now. For at least this month I am giving myself the space and freedom to just explore my own creative process with making videos, with bringing my book to closer completion, and with living life as an artist in general. 

So today I am on a roll. Created several videos today.  I have three to share with you today.  They are all under 3 minutes. Perhaps they will inspire and support you as you explore your own creative process and journey.  

Leave a comment below.  Did you chose a spring flower to guide you…which one and why?   Oh and do you have a tip to share for getting unstuck from the muck?  Please share your thoughts below.

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