MUYL Blog Challenge Day 8: Giving my Ideas a Chance to Grown Up

We were asked to write about our favorite day job, our least favorite day job, or a funny story about working.

Let’s Start With the Funny Stuff

I could tell you about the time I got a very nasty case of poison while shooting a video for my blog. I was miserable for over a week. You can see that video here  (its the last video on the page :#4).   But I am not sure how funny that story actually was. It sure wasn’t funny at the time. So scrap that idea.

Or I could share about the time I sat right down in the muck to illustrate a point for one of my videos. Now that one was pretty funny even at the time.  It can be found here…it’s the video in the middle:#3.  But video says it all, there isn’t really a lot more to share about that story. Sooooo…..\

Right Brain Business Plan Vision Board
My Right Brain Business Plan Vision Board

Giving My Ideas a Chance to Grow Up

Here’s what I will share with your today.

It’s been so long since I’ve had a day job, almost 40 years, so there is not a lot for me to say about my favorite or least favorite day job. My memory is dim on that subject other than to say this; I learned early I wasn’t exactly cut out for holding down a job where I worked for someone else for a paltry paycheck, which didn’t cover rent, let alone groceries. That was with a college degree. I was living in Hawaii at the time and the cost of living was high.

The most important reason for wanting to work for myself wasn’t about:

Wanting to be my own boss. Being my own boss has been the most challenging part. Regrettably the schools don’t teach us entrepreneurial skills. And I certainly didn’t get that training from home.


Wanting to have more flexibility, more ease with fitting in my work around the demands family life. Haha! It’s still a juggling act…maybe easier …maybe not…depending on what business I choose to pursue and the strategies I come up with to make my life easier.


Wanting the potential for a whole lot more money. Money helps. It’s even necessary when your are wanting to grow a business of your own, even with a boot-strap-my-way business plan (which is generally the way I’ve had to do things). I love money. Don’t get me wrong. It’s just not the main reason I do what I do.

Perhaps if these three reasons had been a higher priority for me I would have had earlier success with/in my business attempts.

Here’s my reason:

What I realized back in those early day jobs is that I needed to create something of my own, not spend my valuable time growing someone else’s dream or vision. I needed to give my own ideas a chance to grow up, a chance to make a difference or have an impact in someone’s world. My inner creative felt stifled in a J.O.B. She needed more space to express herself.

It’s been an aweventure and the journey continues….

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