MUYL Blog Challenge Day 5: My Futurized List

Yesterday when I was thinking about my response to yesterdays prompt I considered writing a “futurized” post where I mention all my years accomplishments that I was grateful for. Well that post took more than two days to write and was already way too long as it was so I decided not to include that part.

Then when I saw that today’s post was asking us to write about what’s on our bucket list or what’s on your vision board, I thought wow …my idea for a futurized post would actually would actually address this question in an fun and interesting way. So let’s give that a whirl and see what happens.

My Entry for August 2015:

It’s been a life changing year. Lots of growth. Lots of stretching and expanding what I thought I was capable of. I really stepped up and finally made several of my life long dreams happen this year. I have so much to be grateful for and even more to look forward to.

1. I’m grateful for the numerous fans who have enjoyed and benefited from reading my book Gratitude’s Journey, which was published last fall. I get several letters a day from my readers all across the world mentioning how much the book has inspired them.

Gratitudes Journey

2. I’m grateful that I finally figured out video. I’ve learned enough of the tech side to be able to make video do what I want it to do. I love this art form. It’s become a new avenue for expression for me and an invaluable part of my business. The online courses I’ve created using video have been very well received.

3. I’m grateful I’ve found ways to take my business on the road. I’ve figured out what works and doesn’t work. One of my favorite things to do is to travel with my friends and family (and occasionally alone). I got to do this several times this year. I got to broaden my horizons and see the world. I took lots of photographs wherever I went. I got to enjoy new experiences and my business didn’t miss a beat. In fact, I got to share these aweventures with my flourishing community. This travel filled my creative well, kept me inspired, and gifted me with a plentiful supply of fresh new ideas. That’s a lot to be grateful for.

working and traveling

4. I’m grateful I got to be creative every day. I’m even more grateful that I am paid handsomely for doing so. Some of my art was licensed commercially. I significantly expanded my portfolio. Oh and I illustrated several books including Tales From the Abbey. I love seeing these books in full color.

thriving artist

5. I’m grateful I got to spend several days with other wild “and little bit quirky” women on a retreat several times this past year. My favorite was the artist retreat in Tuscany. I’m grateful I decided to take an extra week and spent some time in Holland. Next year I have plans to do a retreat in Italy.

6. I’m grateful that we finally made it to Alaska. I loved the inland passage cruise. And of course His favorite part was the guided fishing trip. Bunnie loved showing us around her old stomping grounds. I look lots of photos, the fishing did NOT disappoint, and the scenery…breathless. It was a dream come true for sure.

7. I’m grateful I got to spend some quality time with my parents and two sisters in Hawaii. I got some great video of our time together.

8. I’m grateful I got to see a sneak peek at the new Gratitude gift line of inspirational products which will be out this fall. I’m delighted with how well they turned out. It’s so fun to see the prototypes finally come to life.

9. I’m grateful for my VIP clients. What a lovely, inspiring, creative, group of women. It’s been a privilege to watch them bring their creative dreams to life. I’m excited about the collaborative project that we will be jointly launching in the coming months. What a joy to know we will be touching even more lives and inspiring them to step more fully into their Great Full Life.

client 3

10. I’m grateful for all the media attention Gratitude has received. People everywhere have fallen in love with Gratitude and are spreading her message far and wide. This notoriety is allowing us to have more of an impact in the world. We’ve contributed several thousand dollars to worthy causes and projects. I’m in discussion about doing a Gratitude live action/animated movie. I am excited (and a little nervous) about my upcoming TED talk. But not nearly as nervous as I used to be …I’ve had a lot of practice this year speaking in front of a crowd.

Now it’s your turn. I encourage you to give this a try. Write your own futurized list for August 2015. What are you feeling grateful for having accomplished during the previous year? Let us know in the comments below.

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